… an update on Miss E

Have you ever walked through the hallways of a Children’s Hospital?  Have you heard the stories that those walls have to tell?  Have you listened to the sound of a million dreams that echo through those corridors?  What would those walls tell us, what stories would they share?  Could you stand and listen to the […]


… the diagnosis

It’s just like you see in the movies … You are sitting on the other side of a very cluttered desk full of magazine articles, books open to chapters describing symptoms, medical files scattered and stained with spilled coffee.  There is a doctor in a white coat, holding a pair of glasses in his hands, […]


… making it work

The statistics of divorce between parents of special needs children is the highest there is … 1 in 10 will stay together, 9 families will be torn apart. Josh and I will never blame Elizabeth for this, we will take responsibility for why we chose this path.  The time and attention that parents must give […]