Pam MacDade

Mom to 4 beautiful children whose personalities I am totally in love with. Coffee lover, wine snob, published writer, blogger, advocate. Love the beach, movie nights at home and back porches on crisp fall mornings. My faith is my saving grace and my family is everything; they are my people and we find ourselves on the adventure of a lifetime all the time!

… an update on Miss E

Have you ever walked through the hallways of a Children’s Hospital?  Have you heard the stories that those walls have to tell?  Have you listened to the sound of a million dreams that echo through those corridors?  What would those walls tell us, what stories would they share?  Could you stand and listen to the […]


… the diagnosis

It’s just like you see in the movies … You are sitting on the other side of a very cluttered desk full of magazine articles, books open to chapters describing symptoms, medical files scattered and stained with spilled coffee.  There is a doctor in a white coat, holding a pair of glasses in his hands, […]


… making it work

The statistics of divorce between parents of special needs children is the highest there is … 1 in 10 will stay together, 9 families will be torn apart. Josh and I will never blame Elizabeth for this, we will take responsibility for why we chose this path.  The time and attention that parents must give […]