Pam MacDade

Mom to 4 beautiful children whose personalities I am totally in love with. Coffee lover, wine snob, published writer, blogger, advocate. Love the beach, movie nights at home and back porches on crisp fall mornings. My faith is my saving grace and my family is everything; they are my people and we find ourselves on the adventure of a lifetime all the time!

… aisle 7

Choosing a career in fundraising and politics was no accident.  This was a well thought out, wildly inventive plan to stay as far away from all that involved anything medical.  I don’t think my dad ever secretly wished that I would follow in his footsteps and choose to be a physician, in fact he would […]


… girls day out

It’s Monday morning, girls walk together down the hallway talking about the weekend they just spent with one another.  Friday night at the mall, hanging out on Saturday at home watching movies and baking cookies together.  They all huddle around their phones and laughter breaks out as they show each other the pictures they took. […]


… be still

It was 48 hours after surgery, 24 hours before I had posted that we would be going home in the morning.  I sat on the edge of her hospital bed and allowed myself to cry for the unknown.  We don’t know what, or when or how but something happened, something in the very early morning […]