Pam MacDade

Mom to 4 beautiful children whose personalities I am totally in love with. Coffee lover, wine snob, published writer, blogger, advocate. Love the beach, movie nights at home and back porches on crisp fall mornings. My faith is my saving grace and my family is everything; they are my people and we find ourselves on the adventure of a lifetime all the time!

… rumor has it

Apparently I have a reputation!  Now, before you let your mind run wild with what that could mean let’s go back to how it all began … When it came time for Elizabeth to begin school I had the option to integrate her in public school, allowing her to go to school just like everyone […]


… leaving Elizabeth

I held my wrist out and the nurse started cutting off bracelets.  This one can go, lets keep that one on just incase … one by one they dropped to the floor.  She rattled on about what I could and shouldn’t do, instructions for the medications the doctor had prescribed and  follow-up appointments I needed […]


… the choice

Minutes before Elizabeth was born her dad and I were given a choice that no parent should ever have to make about their child.  She was going to be tiny, I would not hear her cry and she would not be breathing.  She would die within minutes.  There would be no guarantees that they could […]