Meet the Author



Wife of a fire guy and Mom to 4 beautiful personalities who I am totally in love with; mother-in-love to a daughter-in-law who I claim as my own.  Dedicated blogger, published writer and advocate for those who most deserve to be advocated for.  Coffee lover, wine snob; love movie nights at home and back porches on crisp fall mornings. Southern, funny and a tad sarcastic!  Family is my everything and I can’t make it through a day without my faith or my mama.  I am blessed by both family and friends and find myself on the adventure of a lifetime all the time!

Pam lives in Northwest Arkansas with her amazing husband, Mark who she falls in love with all over again every day and 4 of their six children.  Pam works from home managing her 2 blogs Life with Elizabeth and Spilled Sweet Tea while keeping up with her children’s ongoing and never ending activities!  Pam has taken an active role in her husbands fire department as Social Media Director and grant writer.  Her hero is her dad, her best friend is her mom and her mentors include Ernest Hemingway for his words, Kenny Chesney for his music and her former boss for his honesty and second chances.

Pam believes in a life of tolerance for others, accepting the differences in everyone and challenging herself to make a difference in just one persons life.  Pam has been instrumental in serving the community by volunteering for Arkansas Children’s Hospital, serving on multiple boards for local and national non-profit agencies and passionately advocating for the rights of special needs children, educating others on the disabled and speaking up for those that cannot speak for themselves.