… 3 Godly women

Growing up I was so very fortunate to have been surrounded by the most Godly of women.    These ladies were mothers of my closest friends, classmates and those who knew my own mom; who tops my list of Godly women.

I was raised in a Christian home, knew God at a very early age and had the privilege of going to a private Christian school where I was surrounded by those that believed.  The torch has now been passed down to my generation and I along with those I grew up with have become those same women to our children and the children of my friends.  It is such an honor and privilege to pray for the children, both young and grown of my childhood friends.  As the years have passed and life has become busy, taking everyone down different paths you lose touch with those from the early years. It doesn’t mean you have forgotten the role they played in your life or the importance of who they once were, it is just the natural course of growing up and finding your own way.

Since having Elizabeth, and especially this last year I have been blessed by these women.  They have been a constant support of encouraging words, acts of kindness but most importantly they have been vigilant in their prayers for Elizabeth.  And there is not anyone I can think of that I would rather have praying for Elizabeth than these amazing ladies.  They are faithful in their walk, obedient to His word and when they tell you they are praying for you, you can feel that power of prayer as they lift you up.

Elizabeth and I were so richly blessed a few weeks ago when one of these women reached out to me and asked if she could come visit with Elizabeth.  I was so honored not just by the visit, but because I knew that she was coming to cover Elizabeth in prayer.  I had grown up with her own children, although a few years older than me I knew them and was looking forward to our reunion.

As these 3 women made their way into our house there was an immediate peace.  Elizabeth became very calm, she was interested in who had come to visit her.  They each spoke to Elizabeth, put their hands on hers and surrounded her with their words and touch.  We spent a few minutes catching up and explaining Elizabeths communication with them and how they can talk to her and become a part of her little world while they were here.  The visit alone was more than we could have asked for but Hollye had a very special gift for us.

Elizabeth has always responded to music.  When she was born the nurses took the sound of my heartbeat and recorded it with lullabies that would play for hours while she was in the NICU.  It would become Elizabeth’s favorite and continued to play long after leaving the hospital.  For years I would have to get up several times during the night to start the music over, no matter how sound asleep she was when it would stop she somehow knew that it was no longer playing and would cry out until she was comforted by those sounds once again.  This love of music has followed her through the years, with a very wide range of favorites!  Now we all know she has a little crush on Luke Bryan, her love for his music has become well known amongst those that know her!  On Sunday morning we play Michael W. Smith praise songs and every now and then she will raise her hands and praise her Maker through the music filling her soul.  I love this about her, I love that she can respond to something so positively and have it calm her sometimes upside down world.

So let me introduce you to Hollye and her beautiful and giving heart to those that are amongst the most critical.  Her fingers, so gently pressed against the strings of her harp, she transforms the Psalms into a melody of peace and prayer to the hurting and sick.  She so selflessly gives of herself to patients and their families as she fills their rooms with the sounds of God’s whispers as if He is saying …

I am here.

As Hollye played I watched Elizabeth, it wasn’t the expressions on her sweet face that touched my heart, but her fingers.  They moved with Hollye’s as if she had placed her hands on top of Hollye’s and she was playing along.  As Hollye continued to play, life seemed to go on as normal around her.  The children and Mrs. Henson spoke to one another, Tonya shared with me that she had been Elizabeth’s school nurse and had spent time reading to Elizabeth in her classroom, all the while not realizing this was my Elizabeth.  Mrs. Henson and I spoke to the challenges of caring for those that we love the most who are suffering, I felt a kindred spirit with her as I listened to her speak so softly and loving of her time that she took care of her beloved Mr. Henson.  Before the afternoon was over, Tonya had a stack of books in her lap that she so kindly read to Elizabeth and our home was filled with the ministry of three Godly women that I had once looked up to as a young girl growing up

A gift from our sweet friends that day, Elizabeth’s name in Hebrew which means … My God is in abundance.  God was truly abundantly present in our home this day; and with Him, He brought the Henson women who filled our hearts with each their own unique ministry not only to Elizabeth but to our entire family and for this we are most thankful and humbled to have had this time with them.

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