… one last prayer

I knew that Elizabeth was being lifted in prayer well into the night and I knew that she would have a multitude of family, friends and those we had never met praying for her when the sun hit that beautiful May spring day in the morning.  But this last prayer over Elizabeth before she drifted off to sleep became the one that would mean the very most to me.

This is one of the images you capture by accident.  My mom had helped me bathe Elizabeth, get her ready for bed and gather our things for the early morning that was coming much faster than I wanted it to.  As she walked into the next room to say goodnight to Elizabeth I turned to look and I knew without hesitation she was covering Elizabeth in prayer.

She never prayed out loud, she didn’t need to.  It was her time with Elizabeth and God, not mine.  As I stood there I was filled with a peace that has no understanding.  I could see God standing over my mom and Elizabeth that night, His hand on my moms back, the other on Elizabeth.  This would be the prayer that would change everything that next day.  This would be the image that I would carry with me through the night as I kneeled beside Elizabeth’s bed that night.  For the first time in weeks I didn’t cry, but instead found myself lost in a calmness that I have never felt before in my life.  Instead of begging God to heal her as I have so many other times I thanked him for the last 9 years that I had been given with her.  I had to trust His plan for her life and put her back in His hands that next morning.

It would prove to be the hardest test of obedience I have had to face as a mom.

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