… happy mother’s day

I can’t remember the day I found out I was adopted, there was no big reveal at a drama filled family meeting around the kitchen table.  It was just something I grew up always knowing.  Honestly if my parents had never told me I would probably believe I was their own as it has been well documented that I am my fathers daughter!

My mom and I did not grow up close, this is another well documented fact!  The struggles would be many and it would take years for me to realize that this woman who so faithfully prayed for me long before I became hers and everyday after I did would someday be my biggest fan, my best friend and the one person I would find I could not live without.

Everyone faces being adopted in their own way.  For AC it was never a second thought, very few things bothered him and where he came from was not going to be one of them.  For me it would become my identity crisis, countless tears and the belief that there was someone out there that loved me more than anyone else ever could.  I have never been more wrong.  She stood by me through this, never wavered in her love or support for me even when I least deserved it.

There is not a lot that I know about this woman who by birth is my mother.  She was young, very young and lived a lifestyle that would ultimately pass through to me.   She would walk into an ER, have me and then leave me.  I would be placed in the care of Catholic Charities and there I would wait.

This promise, this plan that God had laid out for me, this life that He provided …. the mother he chose for me.  He would know my life, every thing I would live through and carefully placed me in the arms of a woman He knew I would need.  A woman He had already prepared for me.  This is my mom, there is no other.

I have lived a life far beyond what most have.  I have never wanted for anything and have had the world at my feet.  But there is nothing that compares to the love of a mother, a woman hand selected by God to care for a child that is not her own.   And beyond that nothing can compare to my mother.  I have spoken in great lengths about this woman … her faith, her love for her family and friends, her heart that is filled with unconditional love for all.  I have never met a woman with so much trust in the Lord and His plan for her life.  She is the rock of our family, she is our strength and how she does it I will never understand but somehow manages to keep my dad and I on solid ground.

In the quietest of times my dad has shared with me that my mom is always praying for me, that I am her world and how very much she loves me.  It would take years, long into my adulthood before I would come to realize that I am the most blessed daughter to have a mother like her.  I don’t look back and regret what I allowed to come between us growing up but instead take each day and cherish every moment I have with her now.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom …

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