… blueberry’s breakfast and brady

A little less sleep than the night before, but we were determined to cook our way through this mornings episode of The Pioneer Woman.  Elizabeth and I were both excited to see a carton of blueberries sitting on the counter of Ree’s kitchen.  The rain was coming down in sheets, lamps lit up the quiet house and so Miss Elizabeth and I decided the Blueberry Coffee Cake was the perfect choice for breakfast.

Blueberries is one of Elizabeth’s favorite fruits.  Small and easy to chew but if you don’t watch her carefully she soon looks like a chipmunk hoarding nuts for winter in her cheeks!  When Elizabeth was just 2 years old she underwent a nuclear study to determine the amount of reflux she was experiencing.  The test was to take several hours but just after 5 short minutes it was determined it was severe.  It was at this point talk of a feeding tube began and my opposition grew, fiercely.  I did not want the feeding tube for several reasons but one was that Elizabeth truly enjoyed the taste of food.  I think it was the one thing she could really decipher on her own and somehow she knew that.  I felt like I was taking away the only thing she knew she had total control over.  We agreed that when we had no choice, and only at that time we would do what was right for Elizabeth and have the tube put in.  I remember asking a dozen questions about her ability to still eat by mouth and while they highly discouraged me from ever feeding her by mouth again I just didn’t have the heart to take that away from her.

Now not everything Ree cooks Elizabeth can eat but this morning we knew that we were in for a treat!  This was just the best recipe.  The coffee cake was soft enough for Elizabeth to eat and the blueberries just melted in your mouth.  We left it out on top of the stove all day with a knife in the dish and slowly it dwindled away as everyone would cut off a square as they walked by.  And as much as we all enjoyed our morning breakfast and all day snack we had one member of the family who has become very appreciative to Ree and Elizabeth!

Meet Brady!!  This dog, oh goodness this dog!  We have had him since he was a tiny puppy and he and I share a birthday, which I love!  This year he turned 7 and we love him every bit as much today as we did the first day we brought him home.  He is very protective of his kids and has a very special relationship with Elizabeth.  He will sit down as close to her chair as he can while Elizabeth uses all of her strength to move her arm over to try and pet him.  Brady has been poked in the eyes, ears and mouth but takes it all in stride when it comes to Miss E.  This morning we felt it was only right to let him lick the spoon!

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