… meet the family

This family …. goodness where do I even begin?  It’s been quite the journey and I have no idea how we have made it to where we are today but by the grace of God Himself.  My family is the most important aspect of my life.  People who know me know this.  From the relationship I have with my amazing parents to the overwhelming love I have for all of my children to the circumstances that led to a very unique blended family …. these people are my greatest source of support and we have found ourselves, after a great deal of heartache, anger and tears working together to ensure that our children are loved and grow up knowing that their mom and dad, while no longer together made it work for them.

These two ….

Where it all began and the two most important people in my life.  If you don’t know my parents you have truly missed out on meeting the most amazing couple I know.  My very best friends, my mentors, my role models and where my strength comes from.  Adopted at birth, they biologically don’t even belong to me but you would never know that if you spent anytime with us! That man on the right is who I am so very often compared to and incredibly honored by that comparison.  The smartest man I know who has made my life what it is today.  And my mother … the most precious woman I know who lives her life by faith like no other I have met.  The soul of a saint and the only person I want when I feel like my world is falling apart.

The first born … 

Nathan has always had a very special relationship with Elizabeth.  From an early age he felt the need to protect her.  They are 7 years apart and as close as siblings can be.  Elizabeth loves this young man like no other and comes alive when he walks into the room.  Nathan was forced to grow up quickly after Elizabeth was born but he met the challenge without complaining and never, not once ever resented Elizabeth.  Today Nathan is a Freshman in college and while we don’t see him everyday his relationship with Elizabeth remains as close as it ever was.  I will never worry about Elizabeth long after I am gone because I know that her big brother will watch over her as he did when she was just days old.

The middle one …

Oh Sweet Carolina, this girl!!  Gentle, sweet, kind and oh so sensitive.  Caroline was born just a short year after Elizabeth.  It was like having twins for the first year.  As Caroline began to grow and meet milestones it was incredibly difficult to explain to her why Elizabeth wasn’t doing the same things she was.  Caroline would have me roll Elizabeth’s wheelchair up to the table and she would put a piece of paper in front of her, a crayon in Elizabeth’s hand and then Caroline would guide her hand over the paper and color for her.  Caroline always made sure that whatever she was doing Elizabeth was included.  This one I have always tried to hug just one more time or spend a little extra time with knowing she needs just a little extra love sometimes.

And the baby …

Alex is always feeding Elizabeth!  I think Alex grew up watching me have to feed Elizabeth and thought this could be his way of helping me.  Almost every picture I have of the two of these together is him doing this very thing.  It took a while for Alex to get close to his big sister but time has shown us that Alex cares very much for her in his own quiet way.  We recently took a beach trip, just me and the 3 kids (which you will read all about later!) but Alex sat in the backseat with Elizabeth and without me having to even ask met her every need in the car.  I would watch him from the rear view mirror and could tell he didn’t want any accolade’s for doing so, he just helped because he knew I needed him to.  Alex is my very talented athlete and I have visions of the future and Alex dedicating games and awards to Elizabeth.

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